After deciding to add on to our home, we began the search for a builder. This is always a very stressful and frightening process for such a large investment of money. Finding someone that you can trust to take you through the experience and ensure that you realize your dreams is invaluable. We had used Victorian Builders for a smaller renovation in a previous home after the original contractor abandoned the project. We interviewed a few contractors that were recommended by friends for this larger job but we always came back to Victorian Builders as being the obvious choice. We would highly recommend Brian Squire and the entire team for any home building project or renovation. Ours was an ambitious one as we added a new master suite, garage, laundry room, and turned our basement into a den. The entire team and crew were always professional, courteous, and respectful. They produced the highest quality of workmanship. Brian Squire was an integral part of the planning process from day one and met with us every week until our dream home became a reality.

We are considering some new projects in the spring and there is no doubt we will use Victorian Builders again. We are grateful to Brian and the entire team.

We love our new home!

Mark and Art

We have had several projects and upgrades to our home completed by Victorian Builders. The quality of the work and craftsmanship has been absolutely outstanding. We have truly appreciated the detail to the little things on the job as well -- from the precision of the woodwork and the friendliness of the crew to the meticulous clean up each day. Everything exceeded our expectations. In a word – professional.

Tim and Barbara

Victorian Builders did an exceptionally high quality job in extensively restoring our 100-year-old home in Rhinebeck, NY. Their attention to detail, responsiveness to unexpected problems, and coordination of craftsmen at the site far exceeded our expectations. Further, they kept scrupulous documentation of the process so that any follow up service needs could be handled smoothly. We have worked with many contractors over the years, and Victorian Builders has been the best, by far.

Sincerely, Holly and Chuck

Over the last decade we have asked Victorian Builders to do several important projects for us. It began in 1999 with the addition of a family room. Next came replacement of our 100 year old windows in the original house. Then it was time for replacing a central beam and pouring a concrete floor in the old dirt & gravel basement. And just a few months ago, we asked them to renovate our bathrooms.

The workmanship is terrific -- imagine going on vacation, coming home and not noticing that the windows had been replaced until you saw that the inside frames had to be painted! The interior walls were not destroyed; in fact, all the rooms with wallpaper were in perfect condition. That is truly amazing.

This latest project has just been completed and we couldn't be more pleased. A small powder room was re-arranged by using the area under a staircase to enlarge the space enough to add a tub. We now have two lovely baths!

Judy and Louie

I can’t say enough good things about the team at Victorian Builders. Brian, Eva, Tammy, Carol, and all of the individual craftsmen, were hard working, professional, and highly attentive to detail during our entire project. As someone that lives more than 100 miles away from the home Victorian renovated, knowing that they were on top of every detail was extremely satisfying. From rushing over to deal with broken pipes on short notice, to staffing 20 people at one time on our job in order to meet a deadline, Victorian always came through. I would highly recommend Victorian and, of course, plan to use them again.


Dear Brian,

Well, the greenhouse is up and running and I write to express my appreciation for the care you took in ensuring the success of the project and the superb execution of our plans by your staff. I have never had a more satisfying experience with a general contractor.

What do I mean? Several things:

  •  Planning – You didn’t just attack but rather thought things through. Carefully examining the architectural drawings you responded to them, to our site and to the direction of our horticultural consultant. You then offered ideas of your own before presenting alternatives for my selection. Accordingly I always knew where we were as the work progressed.
  • Execution – Your team was polite, efficient and worked with a minimum of disturbance. And, you were kind enough to accommodate our electrician who has worked for us all these years. You brought the project through clean up and re-seeding of the excavation site. Finally, you brought to the project excellent craftsmen when embellishment to your staff was needed.
  • Office support – Hooray! Your phone was always answered. And you were personally available when needed.

Currently, our pipeline of new work is empty. But I shall be calling as it fills up.

Iris joins me in exclaiming Job Well Done!

All Best,

Dear Brian and Eva,
Enclosed is the check we owe for the build of our house work. Somehow, no amount seems enough because the work you do and who you are make for a priceless combination in our eyes.

We feel especially fortunate to have had it be you and your crew who made this house into a home for us, especially through last September, which was probably the worst time of our lives. Your kindness and fine work (which we enjoy every day) has somehow made it easier, and we are so grateful!!!

Anyway, we just wanted to say "Thank you...and thank you, and thank you."

Fondly, Becky and Paul

Brian Squire and his crew have been doing work for my husband and I since 1994. We have found his work superior in every way, but more than that, Brian is the kind of builder people dream of having. He is honest, reliable, hard-working, and dedicated to his clients.
I would highly recommend Victorian Builders for any work you may have in mind. Brian and crew are ready to tackle the most challenging of projects, and rest assured that the work will be done quickly and efficiently.

Sincerely, Barbara

Dear Brian,

This letter is to thank you for the terrific job done to improve our home. Our new master bedroom-bathroom suite is a great addition and completely matches the existing structure. It is as if the new addition was always there, and our home now feels complete.

Victorian Builders has been in our employ for over 5 years as our contractor and caretaker. Over those years, you have guided us in taking care of our home. From recommending the proper security system to making small but important improvements (i.e. installing gutters, lightning rods, air conditioning systems) you have helped us to insure that our major investment has been properly taken care of. Just as important, you have always been there in the time of emergency and our calls have always been returned promptly.

We want our friends and neighbors to know that we highly recommend your services and we thank you and your terrific team of people for the great job you have done for us over the years.

Sincerely yours,

Michael & James

I have known Brian Squire of Victorian Builders in his professional capacity since December 1997 when he began working for our retreat, first as a consultant and then as a general contractor. With no hesitation I can say that he has more than fulfilled all of our expectations in his work, in his professionalism, in his helpfulness, in his attention to our needs, and in his ability to work with our needs as opposed to forcing his own opinions on us. At the same time he is very straightforward in telling us what is within acceptable limits as far as code and safety and what is not and will not cross over the line into unprofessional work. He has also been unusually good about getting work done according to schedule; he is usually several steps ahead of me when I ask if he has looked into certain details.

Furthermore, I have known many construction crews, and have never known a crew that has impressed me so favorably as Mr.Squire's, both because of their work and their general behavior and comportment.

For all these reasons I can recommend him as a consultant and contractor without hesitation and without qualification.

Sincerely, Swami Atmarupananda